About me

I am a behavioral economist specializing in subjective well-being (“happiness”) research. Recently, I have been most interested in three different areas of this field: (1) under what conditions increase self-employment and entrepreneurship well-being, (2) what role can volunteering and civic engagement play for well-being, and (3) how do one’s personal identity and green norms influence the relationship between well-being and pro-environmental behavior? I am also interested in the implications of behavioral economics on normative economics and policy-making (e.g. in the form of libertarian paternalism or “nudging”).

I teach economics at Bard College Berlin, a liberal arts university. Our B.A. in “Economics, Politics, and Social Thought” aims at providing students with a rigorous training in economics while at the same time providing a core program in intellectual history thus situating economics within the larger context of society. Advanced economics courses include behavioural economics, econometrics and economics & ethics. You can find more information on the program here.